LUMINALE 11-16/04/2010: The Lighting Culture Biennale

Frankfurt , 11/04/2010 - 16/04/2010


 The initial idea for “Light from my Heart” was born one day in 2005, as I was looking at a cardiogram. I was enchanted by the fact that each heart has its own cardiogram, leaves its own imprint, creates its own shape, and sings its own rhythm. In the spring of that same year, I gave form to that imprint using steel, and created sculptures which I exhibited in the Zoumboulaki Gallery in Athens.

So, “Light from my Heart” is the continuation of that idea; my desire was to translate a heart’s rhythm into light, playing with colors.

Each one of you can experience this by touching this red heart. You will see how your pulse will be transmitted, with complete accuracy, by the electronic device, to the lights. Every beat of your heart will change the colors!

 A heart’s beats cannot be seen; one can feel them, but no-one can see them. Today, art and technology work together. And in this case, technology helped me to overcome this blindness, to be able to see that, which is invisible. And to turn it into light. One could say that these whimsies of every pulse are nothing more than the mind’s senses. That colors symbolize feelings: joys and sorrows. And that without light, we have no life. And that our lives, become light.