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The workshop.


minimum design is a small workshop that hand produces light sculptures and useful art objects. I would like to mention that the name of the company minimum design doesnt have any relationship with the term minimal (which is very fashionable at the moment), except in relation to the meaning of minimum, which is, only as much as is necessary and no more than that.


We began this effort in 1992 in a small design studio in the center of Athens. I started the workshop out of my desire to explore my design ideas by constructing objects with my own hands. Every single light sculpture we produce is crafted entirely by hand. Therefore each one is unique and not identical to any other.  Metal and fabric are brought together to serve the design, producing a sculptural result.                 


Today minimum design employs four persons on a full-time basis and cooperates with various outside workshops. The design phase, the metal construction, the final assembly, the electrical integration and the packaging happens inside our studio. Painting, nickel plating, fabric pleating and stitching is done in external workshops.

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